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Zimbabwe, Africa


Ministry of Health & Childcare

Waste Type

Medical & Bio-hazards

Solution Supplied

2 x i8-250

Incineration used in fight against HIV in Zimbabwe

The prevention of HIV in the poorest regions of Africa has been an ongoing issue for decades and the United Nations has always been at the forefront of providing solutions to the most common problems such as: How to prevent the spread of disease and how to correctly dispose of contaminated waste. These two main issues give rise to a multitude or risks such as cross-contamination and increased fatalities so when the United Nations went looking for an incinerator supplier for a new waste facility in 2017, we were thrilled to be chosen for such a sensitive project. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Child Care in Zimbabwe, the United Nations purchased two high capacity i8-250 Medical Incinerators for installation at two sites in Harare and Bulawayo.

Medical Incineration Zimbabwe

As a dedicated supplier to worldwide Humanitarian efforts, we here at Inciner8 believe this is a great step in the right direction to help the international community to combat and eradicate this harrowing disease. We are all aware we can not eradicate this disease overnight but we can massively reduce the chances of infections and increase biosecurity in many areas such as Zimbabwe that are currently dealing with outbreaks of significant proportions.

After consulting with the United Nations on the problems faced in Zimbabwe and internal research the i8-250 was put forward as the best solution for the task. This was because it has two key qualities, firstly it allows the operators to destroy contaminated waste on-site which removes the risk of the disease spreading and secondly combusts the materials at high enough temperatures to leave only a sterile ash residue, which is safe to dispose of. Both of these qualities are critical
in minimising risk and the potential of infection of other people in the local area.

Medical Incineration Zimbabwe
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