Animal waste - Freshfield Animal Centre

Helping Freshfield Rescue Centre combat their waste management

Located a stone’s throw away from the picturesque beach of Formby lies Freshfield Rescue Centre. The rescue centre serves the local community, local wildlife and the environment through urban conservation initiatives. They provide temporary refuge and sanctuary for an endless cycle of animals in need of a little human help with the idea of each animal receiving the food, medication, socialisation and emotional healing required before re-homing or release.

Freshfield Rescue centre first contacted Inciner8 looking to help tackle their ongoing waste problems and they knew we could provide them with the best
waste solutions and also help lower their high financial outgoings in regards to their current waste disposal.
North West, England
Freshfield Rescue Centre
Waste Type
Animal waste and by products
Solution Supplied
I8 75a

I8-75A Agricultural Incinerator

The rescue centre was previously spending roughly £2000 on waste per week in waste collection fees. It is a cost that naturally they needed to lower as it was only increasing and they looked into viable ways to achieve this, this is where an on-site incinerator came in. They wanted to be in control of their own waste stream and be able to deal with any unwanted waste straight away as it could change on a day by day basis. They looked into an incinerator as they felt they could achieve all this and get their return on investment in a very short period of time. They knew that they were planning on waste disposal costing a minimum of £55,000 that financial year and when compared to the overall price of the i8-75A they felt that over a number of years they would be saving a considerable amount of money that could be put towards more needed areas of the rescue centre.

Once the order was placed we delivered the unit within 7 weeks and because they were extremely local we sent our trained engineers to install the unit and give the team at Freshfield Rescue centre a full training program on how to use the incinerator correctly, including a breakdown on the health and safety procedures. Here at Inciner8, we deal with businesses all across the globe, whether it be in the middle of Africa, the jungles of South America or around the rolling hills of the UK countryside. We love to help businesses that truly require solutions to their waste problems and even better when we know it’s helping a cause such as Freshfield Animal Rescue Centre.

“Inciner8 got back in touch with the rescue centre four months after the initial install to see how the team had been managing and they were all pleased with the new installation and had already seen an improvement in the way waste was managed on-site. They stated that if they carry on with the way they were going they will be saving money in less than 14 months and after that will be saving huge amounts every month that can go towards more crucial aspects of the rescue centre.”

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