Energy from Waste (EfW)

To recover energy from waste is a necessary and useful part of the whole waste management process. Inciner8 have developed the first truly mobile waste to energy solution in their EfW range of equipment. Using new technology they have devised the optimal way to create energy from waste and make it useable for multiple applications ranging from disinfection, heating, washing or the generation of electricity.

In partnership with Viking Craft Engines these two forward thinking and innovative companies have pushed the boundaries of incineration operations. Although energy from waste is not a new concept, it is essential that the technology keeps pace with the demands and also the constraints of modern applications. Inciner8 have refined the process over their many years of industry experience to produce a variety of incineration products that are quick to set up, safe to use and easy to maintain.

Waste to energy systemThe efficient mobile EfW incinerators can be supplied containerised and ready for use in the chosen location; they just require fuel and a basic electrical connection. Where users are not burning hazardous or volatile substances in excess of 50kg per hour there is no licence required and some models are capable of generating up to 5000 litres of hot water per hour.

At the first stage of the solution the incinerators convert exhaust gases in to energy using a combination of high capacity incinerators, steam boilers and the patented Steam Expander System.

Once the superheated steam is generated it is able to be converted to electricity in the patented Viking Craft Engines at the second stage of the process. The use of special materials on the heat exchanging surface maintains optimal performance, while an epoxy coating ensures that sanitary water is produced. Working with strategic partners  means that high quality materials and engineering experience can be combined with the specialist incineration technologies, resulting in a range of products to efficiently generate energy from waste.

These mobile incinerator solutions reduce the need for landfill and waste logistics, reduce waste management costs by dealing with the waste at source and the containerised models are easy to ship and integrate in to the new location.

convert waste into energyInciner8 are Winners of The Queens Award For Enterprise: International Trade 2012 and 2016 and also Winners of The Queens Award For Enterprise: Innovation 2016 and they are committed to bringing products to market that are leading-edge within the industry; investing in research and development to ensure that their incinerator and thermal waste treatment solutions are safe to operate and maintain, efficient and affordable.

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