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Business costs seem to be increasing all the time and waste disposal can be very expensive. There has been a dramatic rise in the cost of waste disposal in recent years with landfill costs in the UK reaching up to £120 per tonne including tax. This trend is occurring globally also.

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Landfill site operators will have to meet an increase in the tax rate for standard and lower rated waste products from April 2016 and this increase will probably be passed on to their clients. The standard rate of landfill tax has been rising with the specific intention of incentivising other methods of waste disposal such as incineration, and has already resulted in a reduction in the levels of landfill and investment in other forms of waste management. You can take control of your waste management costs by looking at various methods of disposal including incineration which is a clean, safe and environmentally sound alternative. On site disposal of waste can reduce costs by cutting the handling time of the waste, removing the transportation cost for offsite disposal and preventing the spread of harmful organisms, diseases or biochemical substances in accordance with biosecurity measures.

Inciner8 are specialist suppliers of incinerators nationally and globally and have seen their products used in a variety of applications where safe disposal of waste is paramount. Where companies want to take responsibility for the disposal of the waste they generate Inciner8 can supply purpose built incinerators which are clean, efficient and can save them money in the long term as incineration can be as much as half of the cost of other disposal methods.

Inciner8 specialise in thermal treatment solutions with an extensive range of machines that can be used for medical, agricultural and municipal waste, allowing companies control of the process, use of the best technology available and access to decades of engineering experience in this specialist area.

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