Merseyside firm supplies mobile incinerators to MOD camps worldwide

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Southport-based Inciner8, which delivers waste management solutions across the globe, has begun working with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to provide equipment that will ensure the safe, environmentally responsible disposal of waste at multiple overseas military camps.

Inciner8_FAT-12MOD incinerator getting finally testing at Inciner8 factory

The contract comes as military forces seek to reduce their environmental impact on the landscapes within which they operate and utilise state-of-the-art technology to eradicate the potential spread of disease by medical waste.

Following a successful tender process managed by leading MOD supplier, Marshall & that used its extensive Defence market pedigree to provide a turn-key military solution, including not only the supply of the equipment but the Technical Publications, DSAT approved training and a whole life support solution for the equipment & Marshall called upon Inciner8 to create an air portable incineration solution that matched the MOD’s detailed requirements.

Designed to exact specification, the incinerators fit within MOD containers, allowing them to be airlifted into position at a moment’s notice. They operate with minimal assembly and straight forward control settings upon arrival.

The equipment is built using MOD-specified materials, allowing soldiers in the field to replace and refurbish parts when needed using the limited supplies available on site. The incinerators also adhere to the NATO Codification System & a unique identification method that guarantees ease of maintenance.

Due to the nature of its end use, Inciner8 engineers carried out rigorous stress testing. Its robust design means the incinerators can be dropped from height by helicopter and remain fully operational.

Crucially, and central to the project, the incinerators are environmentally responsible, engineered to meet strict air emission regulations without offensive smoke or odour.

Designed to burn Type I & Type IV pathological waste, including infectious and contaminated red bag’ surgical dressings and plastic test devices, as well as general waste, the incinerators inhibit the spread of disease. The global spread of COVID-19 and other recent epidemics, including Ebola and SARS, has highlighted the need for safe waste solutions, which Inciner8 provide.

Mike Melia, managing director at Inciner8, said: €œWe have a dedicated team that has worked tirelessly to provide the Ministry of Defence with a solution that meets their requirements exactly.

Finally units ready to be shipped out to MOD

€œWe have worked with peace-keeping missions across the globe, and many of our engineers have personally visited camps worldwide to install incinerators. We have an in-depth understanding of the complexities at play in the formation of forward operating bases. Ease of transport, use and maintenance are key. Our engineering is robust and reliable, even in extreme circumstances.

€œEnvironmentalism is everything to us at Inciner8, and we are proud to be supporting the Ministry of Defence as it works to eradicate environmental damage through the production of unavoidable waste.€

Through Marshall, Inciner8 has supplied more than ten incinerators to the MOD to-date.

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