Another insight into the Global Leader in Incineration

Delivering close to 15 years of demonstrated incineration solutions across the world, Inciner8 represents an inflammatory success that continues to establish itself within new markets.

The development of Inciner8 began during 2004 when the companfs Founder and present day Chairman,Vincent Ferguson, established the business and quickly developed high levels of interest from industry players.These clients operated within applications including animal by product, medical and general municipal waste streams. During the subsequent years Inciner8 has grown into a trusted supplier of incineration and waste to fuel solutions to a diverse group of clients based all over the world.

"When the company first started trading the main customers of Inciner8 were derived of farmers operating exclusively within the UK," explains International Sales Director, Ghazi Sadledien. "That was a little over ten years ago and since that time demand in our products has drastically increased. This has in turn led to the company receiving and responding to requests from operational spheres including medical, hazardous, industrial and general waste and clients based across the globe.

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