Inciner8 add their weight to fighting knife crime

You only need to pick up a paper or turn on your local news to hear of another life ruined by knife crime. Sadly, the weaponization of youth culture in the UK is on the climb, not only in the inner cities, but in towns around the country.

Last year the figures showed a 24 per cent rise in the number of knife crime offences, with 12,074 offences last year, compared to 9,742 in 2015/16.

"We are concerned about the rise of gun crime and rise of knife crime offences committed by young people and the changing nature of the offenders." Asssistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt (Scotland Yard)

There was evidence that more young people are carrying knives for a variety of reasons including status, criminality and self-protection but only around a quarter are affiliated with gangs. The police are focusing on reducing stabbings by taking weapons and dangerous offenders off the streets and trying to prevent and divert people from crime.

However, they said there were complex social reasons why more young people are carrying knives and this could not be solved by the police alone. He said: €œWe must work with communities to help combat knife crime.


What we did & why it's important.

Inciner8 were brought in to assist in the pre-processing of the knives before they were melted down in the foundry. Our intense incineration process destroys ALL the plastics and woods used in the construction of these weapons. Due to the high temperature of the incineration process it also makes the hardened steel brittle and break, making knives and swords blunt and safer to handle.

From arrival to dispatch the knifes and other blades are kept in secure and locked containers to ensure safety and complete accountable processing.

What is made from the metal & what is it used for?

Steel Warriors

The Steel Warriors team re-cast the recovered steel to create calisthenics gyms and areas where you can improve your mind, body and soul. These outdoor gyms are free to use and create a great focal point within the communities they serve.

Founded by Ben Wintour and Pia Fontes in 2017, Steel Warriors aim is to bring down the number of young people carrying knives in the UK.

€œWe want to provide young people with a healthy way of flexing their muscles, along with 'virtual trainers' accessible via Snapchat.€

Vince Ferguson, Chairman of Inciner8 added: €œWe are fully committed to working on this very empowering project and see real value in its message not just in the UK but to a wider global audience. Knife crime changes so many lives and has a devastating effect on all those concerned€¦ who wouldn't want to help?€

Steel Warriors are taking careful steps to avoid building with knives that have been used in conflict. All knives used have been discounted as evidence and are set for destruction.

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