Bespoke Incinerator Solution Shipped to Caribbean

bonaire3Our Agent in Bonaire identified a need for a high volume / high capacity incineration solution for the islands general and municipal waste needs. For this to make areal difference it needed to be able to process up to high volumes while still meeting the stringent emission guidelines in place in the Dutch Antilles.

bonaire1Following in-depth discussions and a detailed analysis with the municipality we came up with a design to use a customised version of our popular i8-700 general purpose unit. The design incorporated a hydraulic auto-loading ram and customised control panel that allowed almost full automation of the waste destruction process.

Once the design was approved we were able to turn the whole project around in record time and ship the units within 3 months of the initial enquiry. Inciner8 specialise in the design and innovation of a wide range of incinerator solutions, specifically within the medical, animal and general waste industries.


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