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The Solomon Islands Quarantine Sector has bought a new garbage incubator as part of its effort to control aircraft and ship garbage. Officials from the department including the Director were present during the machine’s installation at their Ranadi office. Speaking to the media yesterday – Quarantine Head of Operation Mr John Pupulu said acquiring the machine was another huge achievement for Soloman Island Quarantine Sector. He said the machine will help his department to destroy garbage collected from Aircraft, ships and other risk items that might pose a threat to the country’s environment. Mr Pupulu explained that aircraft and ship garbage at times carries dangerous elements as such proper disposal in important. He said the new machine will help his department to control and dispose of garbage in a proper way. When explaining the function of the machine, Mr Pupulu said the incinerator carries maximum heat and garbage placed into the incinerator will turn into dust. He said his officers will undergo training anytime next week when the installation process completes. Mr Pupulu added the machine is very expensive costing the Ministry of Agriculture thousands of dollars to purchase. He said he is a proud that the Quarantine Office is now equipped with such an important machine giving his proper way of disposing of aircraft and ship garbage. Mr Pupulu says his office was operating without proper disposal method over the past years. He told the media that his office has been engaged in what’s called “burying garbage technique” as means to dispose of garbage collected from Aircrafts and ships. Mr Pupulu said the new machine will start its job after it’s officially launched next week.

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