10 Benefits of Incinerator Maintenance


  1. Improve productivity

  • Minimizes or eliminates costly downtime and increases profitable uptime.
  • Reduces unscheduled maintenance – repairs can be made at times that least affect production.
  • Optimizes machinery performance – machinery always operates within specifications.
  • Reduces the time required to make machinery repairs – advance notice permits more efficient organization of the repair process.
  • Reduces overtime required to make up for lost production due to broken down or poorly performing machinery.
  • Increases the capacity that machinery can be operated.
  • Increases the ease of operation of machinery.
  1. Reduce the overall costs

  • Reduces spare parts inventories – many parts can be purchased just in time for repairs to be made during scheduled machinery shutdowns.
  • Reduces depreciation of capital investment caused by poor machinery maintenance – well maintained machinery lasts longer and performs better.
  • Reduces excessive power consumption caused by inefficient machinery performance – saves money on energy requirements.
  1. Increases machinery safety

  • Reduces the injuries caused by poorly performing machinery.
  • Reduces safety penalties levied against a company for unsafe machinery.
  • Reduces insurance rates because well-maintained machinery increases safety.

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Through our years of experience in the industry we have seen many different causes for machine failure. The most common by far is operator error. 

Reasons for Machinery Breakdowns:

  1. Not reading the operator’s manual
  2. Improper maintenance
  3. Overrunning machine’s capability
  4. Not identifying or replacing worn parts when needed
  5. Improper storage
  6. Ignoring warning signals
  7. untrained personnel to operate equipment

If you or any of your organisation require training in the use of your incinerator or would just like a refresher course, click here to view available incinerator training dates for 2018.

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