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The poultry industry has seen some major changes over the last 5 years. The global poultry production is predicted to reach 105.26 million metric tonnes by 2030. It is estimated that the consumption of poultry is around 95.2lbs per capita. This figure is expected to increase to 95.8lbs by 2020 alone.

This increase is due to growing populations, expanding fast food restaurants, increasing numbers of supermarkets and urbanisation of developing countries. Countries all over the world are becoming more exposed to new technologies in production with an increased awareness on poultry health. This is helping to care for their stock properly, hold larger quantities of birds and help them to reach full size and good health.

In particular, Southeast Asia has been driving poultry consumption growth.


Inciner8 have had a heavy involvement in some of these regions, offering a range of poultry incinerators, helping them to manage their poultry waste quickly and efficiently as the demand for poultry products continues to increase

We have selected 3 continents that are currently experiencing a major growth in the poultry sector and the factors contributing towards the demand for poultry products.

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Available Now - The Poultry Industry in the following areas:

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