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Choosing a Pet Crematorium

Choosing somewhere local with good credentials is the best place to start. Check out facebook groups and reviews to see how other feel about their services. Most will be kind and empathetic to you – in most cases Pet Crematoriums are ran by pet lovers themselves. The ashes are returned to you in an urn (usually an additional cost), but can also be put in a seed bulb, compressed into a synthetic diamond or in some cases put in a firework for the grand send off!

Take to Vets

As many pets are put down or taken to the vets once they have passed away, this is quite a common scenario. Please be careful that you check fully with the vet on the cremation service they offer. In some cases they can appear quite reasonably priced in comparison to other cremation services – however there are many that use third party companies who will do a mass cremation and then you are provided with ‘token ashes’ – which are essentially a mixture of all the pets that were cremated that day. In most cases vets offer a sensitive and caring service and use a reputable pet cremation company, but it is always worth checking for you own peace of mind.

Burial At Home

This is a very common option as it keeps costs down, but more importantly it is close to home. You can plant a tree or make a memorial to remember your beloved pet. Most regions suggest you bury any pets at least 4 feet (approx 1.5meters) down and put some stones over the site to prevent scavengers from digging. You should also check with your local council as there are other guidelines that may apply.

Burial at Pet Cemeteries

As with Pet Crematoriums, Pet Cemeteries are also typically ran by pet lovers and are often in idyllic surroundings where you can ponder your happy times together and visit on anniversaries. They are usually more expensive than cremation but offer a permanent place where you can remember them.

Disposal in the Bin

Sadly this still happens quite often, mostly with rodents and fish, again please check with your local council about limitations on what can be put into the household waste. We would always suggest that it well wrapped and sealed to prevent anything unwanted.


For some a bizarre way of remembering, but for other the most intimate and closest you can be. Rather difficult to track down and good ones are expensive.

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