Three reasons why containerised incinerators are key for your business

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Sealed, secure and weather-resistant, containerised incinerators have a wide range of benefits and advantages for businesses looking for quick deployment and the rapid installation of a waste solution. With the safety of being locked up when you are not around to being able to be used as secondary storage locker when the incinerator isn’t in use and then knowing all your equipment is protected from the elements the benefits of containerised units – are truly wide reaching. All of our containers are ISO-standards, and can be completely locked shut so your equipment inside is safe from the elements and potential unauthorised access or theft.

Incineration Containers are designed to be extremely portable and easy to use, they can be loaded onto the back of a truck and be transported to wherever your business desires and can be moved from site to site with ease and speed.

containerised incinerator
Inciner8 i8-200 (Containerised)

Containerised incinerators benefit from three huge cost-saving measures:

Little or no commissioning process – Normal permanent waste solutions would typically require a commissioning process. This is to make sure the area is not only safe for the permanent incinerator but is capable of handling it from a structural standpoint. This not only adds time but can in some cases add considerable costs to your overall plan, an containerised option removes most of these issues thus speeding up planning time and letting your business get on with the waste issues as soon as you’re ready.

no installation costs – Because the whole unit is built into one container then there is no installation costs or time, this means location after location it is quick, simple and easy to get up and running. Installation costs can not only be expensive but in remote locations, it can be hard to have experienced and knowledgeable people on hand, containerised units remove these issues altogether. You simple unload the container, open the doors and connect to a power supply and you are effectively ready to go, it really is that simple.

Transport costs – Incineration units are substantial pieces of equipment that when factoring in all parts can cost a considerable amount to ship. Containerised units are not by any means small but they are uniform in size and are globally accepted sizes on shipping and transport trailers. This means they can easily and cost-efficiently shipped when compared to other alternatives that potentially have to be broken down into multiple units for shipment. They also benefit from being easily placed onto trucks and being used as a constant mobile incineration if your business desires that option.

un containerInciner8 containerised unit going to the UN

Is a containerised incinerator right for you?

Well made, easy to use and critically quick to move, what isn’t to like about these popular options from Inciner8. We know your days can be long, hard work and endless but its great to know once you have finished at one site you don’t have to think about any dismantling time or costs, simply close the doors and load it onto a truck onto its next voyage. If you are a business looking at containerised incinerators as your solution then visit our Containerised Incinerators or Mobile Incinerators pages.

Here at Inciner8 we can design and supply custom systems housed in ISO standard containers that are designed to go as far as you want to take them. We have specialised in containerised incinerators since 2008, our experienced and well established team will have your problems solved and a solution in place quickly.

Our main site has a vast range of solutions for all waste problems and can be found here: Incinerator Manufacturer & Waste Incineration Expert

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