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Mobile incinerators are becoming a vital part of waste management for operations in remote locations. In hard to reach locations where resources are scarce, mobile incinerators offer an efficient waste management solution, removing the need to rely on other resources such as wate collection.

The main benefits of mobile incineration units are they can be easily relocated to where they are needed most. They are essential for locations that require temporary yet efficient waste disposal solutions such as the Arctic Circle.

Where Would I Use a Mobile Incinerator

Mobile incinerators are ideal for disposing of waste in remote locations. Those who benefit from mobile incinerators are farmers, mining camps, refugee camps, and NGO’s who provide relief in emergency situations such as areas of natural disaster and disease outbreak.

Mobile Incinerators by Inciner8


Our expertise and knowledge of incineration has allowed Inciner8 to design and manufacture a variety of mobile waste solutions that are useful for those operating in remote locations. These include:

Trailer Mounted



The Sirocco

Trailer Mounted Incinerators

mobile trailers

Our trailer mounted incinerators are built to the highest standards for waste disposal, and benefit from being extremely durable for a long working life. They offer guaranteed mobility for any sites, including those which are hard to access, allowing you to relocate the incinerator to where it is needed most.

Where Could I Use a Trailer Mounted Incinerator?

Over the years we have seen many different organisations and sectors use a trailer mounted incinerator unit. Some of the most common are:

Containerised Incinerators

containerised incinerator

Inciner8 now offer a full range of containerised incinerators, placing us at the forefront of the latest transportation and industrial trends.

Our containerised systems arrive on site with fully installed fuel supply, electrical generators, and control panels with further customization available to suit all needs, regardless of local resources available.

Containerisation is the most convenient option in contrast to the construction of on-site facilities, eliminating the cost and the manpower involved. Our containerised solutions benefit from total mobility, both local and international, and are ideal for locations where the machine needs to be protected from harsh weather conditions.


Where are Containerised Incinerators Used?

Since the containerised incinerator system id fully mobile, it can be used almost anywhere it is needed. Some common uses are:

  • Military / War camps
  • Disaster Zones
  • Polar Stations
  • Mining Camps
  • Hotel Resorts

Skid-Mounted Incinerators

Skid Mount incinerator

Skid-mounted incinerators are ideal for larger models of incinerators where a platform type installation is available. The platform is deigned in a way so it can house the incinerator and related equipment, including fuel tanks and generator.

A skid mount is a method use to distribute and store machinery. The machinery is permanently mounted at the point of manufacture. Typically, it will be mounted onto rails, a metal pallet or in a frame. This makes the machinery ready for easy transportation.

The skid mounted incinerator is ideal for those with larger waste streams that require a high capacity, large scale incinerator.


The Sirocco

The Sirocco is one of the smallest mobile incinerators on the market. This fuel-free mobile incinerator allows waste to destroyed on site and can easily be moved from one location to another.

The Sirocco reduces the waste to 3% of the initial volume and has been manufactured to ensure that ashes can be removed in the quickest time possible (free ash removal rake included).

The operation of the sirocco is simple & just load the waste into the drum, light the waste, securely close the lid, and leave it to process. A cyclonic effect is created by the fan blowing into the drum creating a high temperature burn rate with the added benefit of no smoke or smell.

Typical Uses of The Sirocco

The Sirocco is the perfect solution for many short term waste issues. These include:

  • Festival / Event waste management
  • Refugee Camps
  • Mobile drug disposal
  • Campsites
  • Domestic Situations e.g. garden and household waste.

If you require any further information on our range of mobile incinerators, contact us today and speak to one of our experts.

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