Small Hospitals and Medical Clinics

Discussing how small hospitals and health clinic's can benefit from small on-site incinerators designed around their medical waste.

Hospitals and health clinics produce a lot of medical waste with some of the largest medical facilities using waste collection companies or large scale waste management systems to deal with the growing influx of hazardous waste. For smaller hospitals and independent health clinics, this isn't always the case as they don't always have the luxury of a waste management infrastructure. This could be for a number of reasons such as location or because they don't produce a huge amount of medical waste on a daily basis. This is where a smaller on-site medical incinerator can be hugely beneficial.

Here at Inciner8 we manufacturer a huge range of incinerators all designed at specific sectors with our smaller medical range being by far the most popular and diverse. These incinerators are designed to deal with all types of medical waste such as pathological waste and infectious and contaminated €œred bags,€ surgical dressings, plastic test devices and all other medical waste. These systems have been built to excel in the medical industry and be used in more confined spaces or at locations that don't require larger systems.

Why a compact incinerator

We believe that compact incinerators are the perfect solution for a lot of smaller hospitals and clinics for dealing with their medical waste. Our range starts off at the 'fuel free' Sirocco and goes up to our flagship i8-1000 which can deal with a staggering 600kg per hour but we look at your waste type and waste amount to see which solution would be best suited for your needs.

Each machine is built on several decades of global manufacturing excellence, with Inciner8 being one of the most respected names in the incineration and waste management industry. All our incinerators are designed and manufactured in Britain to ISO 9001 accredited quality assurance standards and our incinerators hold Queen's Award for Enterprise for both Innovation and International Trade.

How much waste do you produce?

Our expert advisors will always ask about your waste type and waste amount before discussing any solutions, this is to make sure we are covering all areas and removing the problems that you are currently facing. Within the medical industry, we work off an average of 1.5 to 2.2 kg of waste per bed per day at a hospital/clinic and is in line with a wide range of studies that have been carried out on the amount of waste a patient creates per day when in hospital.

For example, a 50-bed unit would produce 92.5kg per day. This means over a week that the same place would produce 648kg of waste, over a month 2,775kg and over a year a staggering 33,763kg of waste. It is easy to see why even a small scale operation can produce enormous amounts of waste over a relatively short period of time.

For this type of situation, we would recommend an i8-M15, i8-M20 or i8-M40. All these are suitable options and your decision can depend on the size of your waste (e.g bag size) or your desired running time. Click here for a full list of our medical incinerators and a wide range of options currently available.

For a full breakdown of your perfect solutions and what incinerator we would recommend for your medical waste issues please contact Inciner8 on +44 (0) 1704 884020 or email our expert sales advisors at

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