Installation and Opening of Medical Waste Facility

i8-M120 Advanced Medical Incinerator

A delegation of provincial government ministers was present during the opening of a medical waste incinerator facility in Baluchistan Pakistan. It will be used to safely dispose of between 100-15okg per hour of medical grade waste produced by the regions' hospitals.

Medical Incinerator in Pakistan

The model supplied was the i8-M120 medical incinerator which has recently been re-designed and now features an integrated venturi scrubber and modulated air injection to improve performance and efficiency.

Pakistan Medical Waste Solution

"We have been working closely with agencies and our partners in Pakistan over the last 12 months and this is just the first stage in a much wider project to address the medical waste challenges of the region. We are extremely proud that we have been chosen once again due to the excellent build quality and after-sales service. "

Business Development Manager - Ghazi Sadledein

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