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Our range of medical incinerators is the preferred solution for charities, aid agencies and healthcare professionals across West Africa and provides a safe, bio-secure method of disposal for hospital and pharmaceutical waste.

From temporary medical clinics requiring containerised mobile incinerators, to large hospitals requiring permanent waste solutions, we have established ourselves as the go-to partner for safe and efficient incinerator solutions for a wide variety of medical needs.

The Challenges in Africa

Countries across Africa are often subject to conflict and disease outbreaks, not to mention the third-world conditions affecting the population in many regions. Refugee camps, war-torn cities and communities which are hit by deadly viruses require fast solutions and world-leading expertise to help control and mitigate these tragic scenarios and help to protect individuals from further harm.

A large problem many charities and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) face is the huge accumulation of waste which is often infected and biohazardous. If this is not stored, treated and destroyed quickly, people and regions already at risk are put at further risk. Incineration offers the safest and most efficient solution to this problem.

Inciner8’s Experience in Africa

Our range of medical incinerators is designed to cater for the economic needs of small clinics to the more demanding and specialised requirements of large hospitals in their waste management processes. Our machines can be made fully automated reducing staff exposure to waste and maximising efficiency.

Over the last two years, we’ve worked with the World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations (UN) and various other charities & aid agencies to supply more than 100 incinerators for projects such as the WHO’s medical waste programme supporting new hospitals in Zambia. Other recent notable projects included 20 new incinerators for the UN’s project to aid vulnerable communities in Sudan to help destroy COVID-19-infected waste as the pandemic raged through the area of Abyei.

inciner8 incineratorNew Medical Incinerator in transit to West African end user.

Our products are designed to suit multiple needs and applications, and are particularly successful in destroying the following waste produced in the following settings:

medical clinicMedical

  • Hospitals
  • Small to medium medical clinics
  • Refugee camps
  • Communities affected by disease outbreak

Additionally, the following waste streams can be effectively destroyed using our medical-grade incinerators:

General Waste

Animal Waste

  • Fallen livestock
  • Animal by-product
  • Poultry, pig, sheep, and cattle waste
  • Carcasses, faeces and other hazardous animal products

Air Freighted Emergency Medical Incinerator Orders

Large scale orders being shipped across the world can take weeks to complete and deliver. However, in emergency situations & such as those we see regularly across Africa & we are able to air freight solutions to ensure medical settings are armed with the tools they need to safely combat hazardous medical waste.

Load up hrough B747 nosedoor

Recently, we completed an air-freighted incinerator system in record time, to help United Arab Emirates hospitals to manage Coronavirus-infected waste. We created a bespoke logistics solution with Etihad Aviation Group to meet the request for four high-capacity medical burners, which the client said had to be delivered in under a fortnight. Additionally, the incinerators had to be capable of burning up to 1,000 kilos of waste an hour, for ten hours a day.

Many of our medical incinerators can be adapted to include “plug-and-play” technology which means teams across the world can use our specially developed range of video tutorials to install them safely on site. We work closely with logistics experts to ensure our medical incinerators are correctly packaged and shipped so that they reach communities in full working order. Additionally, we implement remote monitoring systems so that our engineers based in the UK can continue to assess the quality and efficiency of our products around the world. This allows us to offer immediate support should a mechanical or operational issue be flagged.

Africa Case Studies

Inciner8’s products have been specially designed to help mitigate any level of disease outbreak and have played a crucial role in protecting communities from COVID-19, Ebola, SARS and more.

Ebola Outbreak

Poor management of waste products resulting from an outbreak of Ebola can lead to further spread of the disease. Land and water can also become infected, eventually becoming present in the food and drink that communities eat. As such, it’s essential that countries affected by an Ebola outbreak take steps to prevent its spread immediately, and effectively destroy any infected materials to protect others.


When Ebola originally broke out in Liberia in 2014, we received orders from UNICEF and The Red Cross for our large-scale medical burners for use across Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

We donated three burners and manufactured 130 more, training aid staff at our HQ in Southport on how to use them effectively, before every unit was shipped. This whole process was completed, from start to finish within three weeks. Advanced AI technologies and remote support functions integrated allows our engineers to pre-programme their necessary combustion conditions.

Feedback from our customers across these regions stated that without our speedy response to their needs, the disease would’ve spread much more quickly and infected & or potentially killed & thousands more people.



The prevention of HIV in the poorest regions of Africa has been an ongoing issue for decades and the United Nations has always been at the forefront of providing solutions to prevent the spread of disease, and correctly dispose of contaminated waste.

In 2017, we were appointed by the United Nations to supply a new waste management facility for the Ministry of Health and Childcare in Zimbabwe to combat this issue. Two high-capacity i8-M250 Medical Incinerators were installed at sites in Harare and Bulawayo to help eradicate this harrowing disease.

I8-M250 incineratorThe i8-M250 Medical Incinerator

The i8-250 allows operators to destroy contaminated waste on-site which removes the risk of the disease spreading. It destroys the materials at high enough temperatures to leave only a sterile ash residue, which is safe to dispose of.

Using our dealer network across Africa and our team of engineers working in Nigeria and Kenya, we can quickly implement incinerator solutions to help communities fighting tragic diseases in very difficult conditions and circumstances.

Inciner8 offers a full range of incinerators, designed to provide efficient waste destruction throughout the medical waste incineration process. Utilising the best available technologies and wide range of optional gas cleaning system, our solutions are also designed to meet the specific guidelines of the country they are deployed.

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