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Albeit a little old, we particularly like the ideas in this article…

Will plastic waste become the fossils of our generation?

With our production of plastic waste still growing, there is no chance the volumes will reduce anytime soon; Therefore alternative options such as incineration are required. With lifespans well in excess of our own, most of our food packaging and other plastic waste will be here long after we have left and will ultimately become the problem of our great grandchildren unless we act now. Some exciting innovations recently have been about the “Ocean Gyres” Island waste has its own problems!

Location, Cost and Expertise

With a new modern designed waste incinerator there is no risk of harmful particulates or particles escaping into the atmosphere. Long gone are the days of basic burn pits and rudimentary incinerators. Modern machines have to pass strict emission guidelines to be used in Europe and North America. Due to islands being remote there is usually a cost premium for all the raw materials required to operate an incineration facility. There is also a finite amount of spare land to use for other options such as landfill. Exporting is also not viable due to the rising cost. Any advanced recycling facility would require skilled operatives that may not be available in that region, so again this isn’t an ideal solution. Original article:

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