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We are pleased to announce that Inciner8 has been drafted in by Aid agencies to help in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa. As the virus continues to spread, so too does the burden on medical staff and agencies which are forced to deal with an ever-increasing amount of highly toxic waste product created as a result. Bed linen, medical instruments and tools, clothing and even mattresses are all potential carriers of the virus after use with infected patients, so it is vital that proper actions are in place for the safe disposal of anything which has come into contact with it. A recent lab study found that, under its desired conditions, the Ebola virus can remain active for up to six days. Procedures are being rolled out in more developed countries to ensure the safe disposal of anything potentially harmful. This includes the items being disinfected, put in special red bio-bags, disinfected again, then placed in another bag before being put into a watertight drum containing further disinfectant and then being incinerated. However this isn’t always possible in less well-off countries, so it is hugely important that the waste is treated directly at source. As the world’s largest incinerator manufacturer, Inciner8 was the natural choice to provide industrial scale incineration equipment to help battle the virus. Our engineers have been in contact with Aid agency representatives in the countries affected, including Liberia and Sierra Leone, and are working to provide the solutions required in the quickest possible time. At Inciner8 we are no strangers to dealing with hazardous waste in potentially dangerous locations. We have previously supplied products for use in post-war Iraq and South America, so we’re well accustomed to the sensitive nature of these projects. We also know the benefits of safely destroying sensitive waste items, such as that created in the course of fighting disease and contamination, at source. Packaging and transporting waste simply isn’t an option due to the risks associated. Our incinerators are specifically designed and engineered to deal with the safe burning of hazardous waste, and we are proud to be supporting the continued global fight against Ebola.

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