Finding better ways…..Cremation

Mobile Cremation

Inciner8 have launched a brand new product range under our trading name ‘Cremation Systems’ – leading specialists in cremators and crematoria equipment.

logosThe driving force behind these new developments is again innovation. We have spent many months researching the industry’s needs and have developed a ‘World’s First’ …. A truly mobile cremation system.


Sensitive and dignified cremator design

One of the biggest challenges we heard about was machine reliability – not only did it cause down-time and extra expense, but you were often faced with the reality of having to inform customers of a delay as well. Our high quality components and strict ISO 9001 build process mean this is no longer an area of concern and you can instead focus on providing the service your customers expect.

  • No evidence of smoke or smell
  • Hot hearth technology
  • 3 stage post combustion smoke treatment
  • Liquid retention still

frame-1aFully mobilised in under one hour..

The containerised (20ft high cube) version of the i8-MCU can be setup and operating within the hour and therefore provides a viable solution for remote or temporary cremation requirements.

There is always a number of these cremator models in stock at our global service centres.

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