Cremation – How to prepare for the unexpected

It sounds like something that funeral directors may say in an advert promoting their services, or a statement made by funeral insurance companies.

But it should be something that those same funeral directors – and owners/operators of crematoriums – say to themselves when they consider their business operations.

Modern crematorium building in cemetery

The sensitive business of cremation

 Running a cremation business is a very sensitive and delicate subject. You have to be extremely careful and considerate with how you speak with your prospective customers.

But ultimately, it is still a business that you’re running. And you need to ensure its operations run smoothly at all times.

One key part of that is your crematorium itself, and making sure your cremation oven functions efficiently and effectively at all times.

Because what happens if the unexpected does happen, and your cremator stops working? At a time when you need it most?

Could you prepare for that eventuality?

Have technical support on hand

 The first thing you’d need to know is that in this worst-case scenario – where your cremation oven has stopped functioning – you have someone you can turn to.

Someone who can identify what the issue is and provide a solution as fast as possible.

For example, at Inciner8, our Cremation Systems division provide a dedicated technical support team who guarantee to respond within 24 hours of your query – often sooner.

This gives you peace of mind that there’s always someone who can help. Our engineers have the  knowledge to keep you from falling into a situation where your system stops working.


Have an emergency back-up plan

Even when you plan and prepare, the unexpected can always still happen, so it’s important to have a back-up plan in place.

This could take a variety of forms. You could speak to other crematoria in your area to agree to help each other should anything go wrong for one of you.

We’ve worked closely with a crematorium in the UK when their cremator packed up. They had several funerals that simply could not be postponed. We provided a quick, mobile temporary solution.

You might also decide that a mobile secondary cremation oven is a worthwhile investment. Two cremators allow your business to expand, whilst also ensuring that your sensitive work can continue even if the worst should happen. You could even join with another local crematorium and invest in this back-up solution together.

Ultimately the key is in putting as many plans and as much preparation in place as possible. From a purely business sense this ensures that you can continue serving your customers as efficiently and effectively as possible – without any interruptions.

For further information on how Cremation Systems can support your operation please visit the cremation systems website

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