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Animal incinerators have a wide range of applications in businesses requiring carcass disposal and can be an effective bio-security measure for poultry, pig and sheep farms as well as veterinary practices, test centres, rendering plants, hunt kennels, zoos and pet cremation businesses. The animal incinerators’ robust design and ease of operation mean that they can be in use for many years with no reduction in efficiency levels, making them a financially viable option for many companies who need to deal with animal waste management in the course of their usual business.

These agricultural incinerators are ideal for efficient disposal all types of animal waste from full carcasses to animal by-products as well as contaminated feed and soiled livestock bedding.
When small scale animal carcass incineration is carried out to a high standard it provides one of the best available techniques for disposal and if burning under 50kg per hour the process is exempt from emissions regulations under the Waste Incineration Directive according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), although it will still be covered by an amendment to the Animal Waste Directive. Incineration on site avoids the need for prolonged storage of animals while waiting for collection and processing elsewhere and removes the need for movement of potentially contaminated remains, thus controlling the spread of disease.

On-site incineration should be completed without undue delay in order to minimise odour, and good housekeeping practices are essential to ensure hygienic incineration of animal carcasses. Correct loading procedures and efficient combustion technology will allow the complete destruction of the material over the incineration cycle and can lead to reduced emissions and less environmental impact.

Inciner8’s Animal incinerators are approved by DEFRA and comply with the EU and UK Animal By-Products Regulations. This means that businesses can be confident that their animal waste management procedures will minimise risk, be efficient and controllable, and will contribute to their bio-security measures. Current legislation indicates that no license is requried providing you are burning less than 50kg per hour.

To find out how our incinerators can benefit your organisation, please contact us where one of our skilled team will be able to assist. We can also offer some of the best incinerator finance deals around.

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