Abattoirs and Slaughterhouses Incineration and biosecurity management

Background to Abattoir waste:

Around 200 million land animals a day are killed to feed the human population, it is not the meat that is coming off these animals that is the issue as this will all but be consumed, the issue is what is done with the remains. This is where the true issues lie, the diseases, the viruses and the transmissibility can all have detrimental effects on human and livestock populations alike.

As we know there are many ways these problems can be dealt with from basic hygiene and biosecurity compliance to disposing of the remains in more traditional ways such as rendering plants, maggot farming and the most common and safe practice, incineration. Regardless of the use, the remains mustn't be left to simply become hazardous material.

Here at Inciner8, we understand there are always multiple solutions for everyone's problems, and if incineration is your first choice because safety is your paramount concern then we have you covered. Incineration is the number one option for Abattoir and Slaughterhouse waste because you can be assured that you are keeping your biosecurity at the very best standard while complying with the law.

Meat hanging up in abattoir

Advantages of Incineration

Incineration has many advantages and making sure you have the perfect product for your needs can give you additional benefits that make the purchase of an incinerator a no brainer as a business proposition. There are some obvious benefits an incinerator gives you & biosecurity, reduction of waste by volume, lower costs and in some cases a way to generate energy. See our animal incinerators for abattoir & slaughterhouse use.

Generate Energy (Waste to Energy)

Waste to energy is not a new technology but it is a technology that is having a huge growth with people suddenly realising the potential it can have for their existing businesses. Here at Inciner8, we strive to inform people so they can make their own choices on what to do with the energy generated through the thermal destruction of waste.

What energy can you gain off incineration?:

  • Hot Water
  • Hot air
  • Electricity

The energy incinerators give off can be used to generate electricity or heat using a heat exchanger, it can power an office, heat water or warm a factory. So, when you think about your waste and how to dispose of it in a quick and safe manner, think about what you can get back from it as well.

Improved Biosecurity

Biosecurity - Biosecurity is best described as the way in which you prevent or protect livestock to limit the potential of any animal catching a disease that could cause harm or death. It is also the prevention of any unwanted diseases that could pose a risk to humans and the safety and quality of food products that we consume. It is critical that everyone complies with all forms of biosecurity to minimise risk at all levels, this way we can be assured that everyone is safe. On-site incineration offers a considerable benefit in allowing any animal waste to be safely destroyed at the source immediately.

If you feel incineration would be your ideal solution, then please contact us for more information. Here at Inciner8 we supply incinerators throughout the world and are a globally respected manufacturing organisation. We offer a range of Incinerators for all applications in the waste management industry, our products are specifically designed with clean air incineration at the forefront of our product development.

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