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turkeys in fieldWith Christmas around the corner, farmers across the UK are extremely busy with the preparation of turkeys. Although we initially associate turkeys with Christmas, the preparation for this period begins months in advance.

Turkey farmers must make sure they have the best breeds of turkey as consumers are more aware of the difference in quality. Customers are willing to pay significantly more for certain types of bird.

Turkey farmers can rear up to 400 turkeys and additional birds such as chickens for alternatives around the Christmas period. With so many birds onsite, it its important for farmers to have a god waste management plan.

What Is Poultry Waste?

Poultry waste comes in a variety of forms. Some can be described as:

  • Dressing Waste
  • Poultry Manure
  • Dead Birds
  • Poultry Litter

Poultry waste needs proper disposal and treatment to avoid any impacts on the surrounding environment and other birds on the farm.

Before incineration, there is also an option for you to recycle your poultry litter for different purposes. There are a number of different ways to re-use your poultry litter that can save you money on things such as animal feed and fertilizer.

Disposing of Dead Stock

Disposing of poultry waste is vital to keeping your farm up and running without any distractions. Having dead birds on the farm is a problem that can quickly get out of hand if it is not dealt with as soon as possible.

poultry christmas

Storing carcasses for extended periods of time can cause a risk of disease and infection among other birds on the farm. The carcasses attract vermin and insects which will continue to multiply if they are left. By getting rid of the carcass on the same day, it reduces any potential risk of disease and infection.

Although turkeys can typically survive the winter in great shape, unfortunately it is not always the case. Previous harsh winters have seen farms in the past unable to access fresh water and food for their birds. Shortage of major supplies can be a serious interference for farmers

SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) and NETREGS have a number of regulations and legislation for disposing of dead stock on your farm.

Disposing of Other Poultry Waste Materials

Overcrowding of turkeysIt is important to dispose of any other poultry waste on the farm to de-clutter and maintain the working farm. Poultry litter can be spread on land and used as fertiliser. Before this, it must be treated to ensure that it is low in nitrogen and potassium. There are also many other rules and regulations to consider when using poultry waste as fertiliser.

The majority of poultry waste such a bedding and dressing waste will end up on landfill sites. Landfill has an extremely poor impact on the environment and is not a sustainable solution as space for landfill is running low. With the poultry industry continuously expanding, this issue will only continue to get worse.

Poultry Waste Disposal Methods

poultry christmasThere are a number of common ways to dispose of poultry waste, however none of these methods can completely destroy waste like incineration.

Since 2003 there has been a ban on burying dead stock. This ban was put in place to protect the heath of humans an animals as the ground can become contaminated with the leak of body fluids and gas. This can then make it’s way into the food and drink supply for animals and humans.

When it comes to disposing of dead stock, the most known method is by collection. Although this is a popular method it is not always possible for every farmer and can also be very unreliable. In cases of bad weather, farmers can be left waiting as long as weeks for collection companies to reach their farms. For farmers in remote locations, collection is almost impossible. Costs for collection and transport are also increasing particularly for farms in hard to reach locations.

Disposal by Incineration.

Incineration is the most effective method for disposing of poultry waste. Having your own on-site incinerator gives you complete control over the process and peace of mind knowing that your waste is completely destroyed, further reducing the risk of any infection and disease.

Having your own incinerator also helps to keeps landfill costs and collection costs down whilst still having an effective waste management solution.

Why Should You Use Inciner8?

animal incinerators & poultry incinerators

Inciner8 offer and range of animal incinerators perfect for the disposal of poultry waste. Our poultry incinerators are DEFRA type approved and have been used all over the world as an effective waste management solution.

Inciner8 have many years of experience in dealing with bio-hazard emergencies and understand the importance of having the right product in place, in order to cope in these situations.


Mobile incineration options

We also have a full range of mobile incinerators with our trailer mounted incinerators being the most popular option among farmers. Our trailer mounted incinerators are built to the highest standards for waste disposal, and benefit from being extremely durable for a long working life. They offer guaranteed mobility for any sites, including the farms that are in remote, hard to reach locations.

If you would like more information on our poultry waste incinerators, contact one of our experts today!

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