Bird Flu Incinerators Influenza (Avian and other zoonotic)

All our DEFRA type approved models are able to safely destroy the infected animals and contaminated waste. In this kind of situation you need to work with a company where quality, reliability and efficiency are at the heart of what they do.

We can offer mobile incinerators to enable you to destroy waste at source and avoid any risks in transporting affected materials. In many cases no permit is required (providing you are burning less than 50kg per hour)

Influenza pandemics occur when a novel influenza virus emerges with the ability to cause sustained human-to-human transmission, and the human population has little to no immunity against the virus. With the growth of global travel, a pandemic can spread rapidly globally with little time to prepare a public health response. This is why containment and incineration of infected material onsite is so essential to prevent the spread of infection.

Process your own waste in-house and benefit from increased bio-security and no collection fees

Our specialist bio-secure incinerators are currently being used for:

  • Newcastle Disease
  • Avian Bird Flu
  • A(H1N1) and A(H3N2) strains
  • LPAI & PAI strains
  • Fallen Livestock
  • A(H5N1), A(H7N9) and A(H9N2)
Viruses that cause severe disease in poultry and result in high death rates are called highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). Viruses that cause mild disease in poultry are called low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) from WHO website
Abattoir waste solution

All our animal waste incinerators are DEFRA approved, and comply with EU Animal By-Products Regulation (ABPR), (EC) No 142/2011. They are supplied fully serviced and ready to run, backed up by our 1 year warranty and global after sales support.


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