What are Baghouse Filter Systems?

Baghouse Filters are a traditional way of cleaning exhaust gases from aiborn particles. Typically used in the food production industry they can still be a low cost, low tech solution to certain types of pollution.

Our incinerators are designed to ensure Dioxins, furans and similar gaseous components are destroyed using homogeneous high temperature (> 850°C), ensuring there is an excess of oxygen (>6 %) and sufficient residence time at high temperatures to make sure all 3 conditions are met.

If the three conditions above are not met, dioxins will "crack" into smaller but reactive dioxins, which can reform into new dioxin molecules, especially in the presence of heavy metals which can act as catalysts. (Reformation and "de novo" formation). Baghouse filters should only be used where there are actual particulates present is the exhaust gas.

How do Baghouse filters work?

The overall process is simple - the finer the grade of bag material, the smaller the particles it can capture.

Venturi Scrubber

As the gas stream is introduced an ID fan is used to pull the gases through the bag filters to start the cleaning process.

  • Particulates are captured on the walls of the filter bags.
  • Clean air is released to the atmosphere.
  • Filters will need to be cleaned/replaced at regular intervals.



If you have any further questions about baghouse filters or gas cleaning in general, then speak to one of our experts who will happily advise on the best solution for your needs.

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