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If you manage a zoo or safari park, you’ll already know just how much waste is generated in any given day. And if you’re not careful and thorough with your waste disposal processes, you’ll endanger all the animals you care for with the risk of disease and infection.

Along with the typical faeces and excrement waste associated with animals of all shapes and sizes, you’ll also have an extensive amount of additional waste, including:

  • Used animal bedding
  • Straw and other materials from animal enclosures
  • Food waste, including fruits, vegetables and bones
  • Veterinary and medical waste
  • Animal carcasses
  • Waste from visitors to your zoo

Some types of waste require a specific method of disposal. One of the most effective and efficient ways to eliminate all waste from your zoo or safari park is through incineration.

Every type of waste must be disposed of in a bio-secure way, in order to protect your animals and safeguard staff & visitors.

Incinerating waste from exotic animals

Zoo and safari park waste incineration is one of the safest ways to dispose of all types of waste – biological, medical or otherwise – from your facility. It’s efficient, it’s cost effective, and it meets all waste disposal standards.

Removing waste offsite is costly and often requires specialist support. Zoo waste incineration reduces those waste disposal costs and speeds up processes.

At INCINER8, we have decades of experience in dealing with waste from all types of exotic animals and all kinds of zoological facilities. The majority of our incinerators are DEFRA-approved, and we have a huge range of sizes to meet all of your needs.

Our waste incinerators are capable of dealing with all exotic animal waste – from excrement to carcasses, veterinary items and used bedding. We can even supply large incinerators to support disposal of the biggest of animals in your zoo – like elephants, hippos and giraffes – should illness or untreatable injuries befall them.

Generate energy from your zoo waste

The benefits of incineration extend beyond the safe, secure disposal of your zoological waste.

With our specialist incinerators, fitted with the latest, state-of-the-art technology, we can generate energy for your zoo or safari park facilities from the incineration process.

Each incinerator can harness the energy generated from burning waste to heat water for cleaning purposes, or hot air to aid with drying and heating enclosures or work areas.

It’s an ideal solution to recycle energy, dispose of waste in an environmentally way, and prevent outbreaks of disease.


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