Pet Incinerators

Inciner8's offer a wide range of pet incinerators that are suitable for a variety of uses and applications. Pet incinerator prices vary quite dramatically depending on your requirements. We can offer competitive finance on all our models meaning you can take of advantage of our award winning machines today.

Heat Recovery

Our Pet Incinerators are in use in more than 170 countries worldwide. They are used primarily for animal cremation purposes but can also be used for a variety of animal related waste streams. In many countries they are used as a basic farm incinerator to process general farm waste, fallen stock and pet incineration.

Pet Incinerator Equipment Features

  • Safe, efficient, easy to use
  • Minimum installation and start up time
  • DEFRA approved

Pet Incinerator Models

i8-20A Animal Incinerator (30kg) – suitable for only small pet and animal incineration
i8-40A Animal Incinerator (40kg) – medium capacity pet incineration unit ideal for cats and dogs
i8-55A Animal Incinerator (50g) – for incineration of larger dogs and other pets
i8-75A Incinerator  / i8-140 Animal Incinerator (50-100kg) – for incineration of pets of all sizes
i8-200 Animal Incinerator / i8-250 Animal Incinerator  (150-175kg) – our most popular pet incineration system, suitable for all pets.

How to Start a Pet Crematorium

Starting an animal crematorium or pet cremation business requires some specialist knowledge and equipment. Here at Inciner8, we can advise you on everything you will need , both in terms of environmental permits and the best pet cremation equipment for your particular business model. read more about starting a pet crematorium

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