Horse Incinerators Specially designed equine cremator

The Disposal of equine carcasses can be problematic for a wide number of reasons. Size, Potential for the Spread of Disease and also cost.

Our range of top loading incinerators have a wide door opening to easily load the largest of horses into it without any issues.

These machines are used in a number of sectors - by horse breeders, rescue centres, hunts and knackers yards. There is also a growing market for Equine Pet Cremation in the UK and USA.

The i8-500A has been built specifically for horse cremation and the incineration of larger anmals.

The i8-700A features one of the largest door sizes and capcity in the INCINEER8 range of incinerators. Currently being used on large livestock farms.

i8-500 Equine Incinerator

Large Carcass Incinerator - The i8-500A

Featuring an over-sized loading door to allow the loading of entire carcasses. This model is ideal for any livestock farmers/breeders with larger animals such as horses, cattle, llamas, alpacas and camels.

Benefits of using i8-500A animal incineration unit:

  • Easily load entire carcasses
  • Efficient and effective incineration
  • Automated loading doors
  • Optional auto loader
  • Single person operation

Equine Disposal Is a Big Challenge - Both Physically and Logistically.

Inciner8 have a number of these models already in operation around the world - they are also being used for the disposal of cattle and camels.

Use the excess heat from incineration to create electricity, hot air and/or hot water for cleaning. Waste to Energy is now being used as companies look at other ways to conserve energy and do their bit for the environment.

On site incineration reduces expensive waste collection fees, avoids infection or the spread of diseases such as tuberculosis and removes any buildups of waste that attract vermin and pests.

All our incinerators are supplied fully serviced and ready to run, backed up by our 1 year warranty and global after sales support.


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