DEFRA Type Approved Incinerators

Inciner8 are one of only two UK manufactures to have Incinerators listed on the official approved DEFRA website.

What is DEFRA?

DEFRA is a UK government department responsible for safeguarding the environment. For an incinerator to be legally used in the UK it must be listed in the ‘Approved ABP Incinerator List’ on the official DEFRA website.

What is a DEFRA approved incinerator?

A DEFRA approved incinerator is when all of the environmental guidelines set out by the government are met. Most incinerators can not operate without this official approval.

Incinerating Animal By-Products

DEFRA states that if you are only burning animal by-products, burning no more than 50kg per hour, you do not need a permit for your incinerator. However, you must get approval from Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) before you can use your incinerator.

Working on a farm or veterinary service can also mean that you have other waste to dispose of. From past experience, we recommend burning organic materials, such as wood shavings used for bedding, with your ABP waste.

Incinerating Non-Animal By-Products

Any other non-ABP waste such as feed, medicines, medical waste should not be incinerated in your incinerator without a permit. If this is a process you are likely to follow, you will need Environment Agency approval under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) and registration by APHA.

DEFRA also states that you must record temperatures during incineration and keep these record for up to 2 years. Many of our DEFRA models do this as standard.

Models currently listed by DEFRA for incineration:

I8-20A – small capacity (30kg per hour) animal incinerator
I8-40A – small capacity (40kg per hour) animal incinerator

I8-55A – medium capacity (50kg per hour) animal incinerator
I8-75A – medium capacity (50kg per hour) animal incinerator
i8-140A -  medium capacity (100kg per hour) animal incinerator

Animal Waste Disposal Options

With landfill and rendering costs growing at an alarming rate the idea of self-owning a small capacity incinerator for your own use is becoming more and more viable – especially now with our competitive range of finance options available.

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