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Medical Incinerator

Our Medical range is specifically designed for medical/pharmaceutical, hazardous and hospital waste management. Capable of disposing of type IV pathological waste and all medical waste.

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Animal Incinerator

Our animal waste incinerators have a variety of uses, they are DEFRA approved units which meet the EU and UK ABPR regulations for incineration of animal and poultry by-products.

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General Waste Incinerator

We have the wide range of models suitable for general & municipal waste management. Including the facility to treat all other waste streams both cleanly and efficiently.

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Our Incinerators in Operation

Please view our video to the left for an example of how our one of our incinerators works.

This video shows us burning Waste in our General Waste Incinerators.

General waste is an unwanted refuse material or substance. It may consist of materials from community or household activities (municipal, domestic or camp waste) or from industrial activities

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Quarantine SI equipped with garbage incubator

Why Incinerate?

Products that we all use every day have a finite lifespan. Even with initiatives to re-use and recycle lots of waste still ends up in landfill sites where the chemicals in these products will decompose and can do extensive environmental harm as they break down.

Plastics are not all biodegradable and there are still millions of plastic bags being manufactured, used and ending up in landfill so the damage is still being done.

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Quarantine SI equipped with garbage incubator

Quarantine SI equipped with garbage incubator

The Solomon Islands Quarantine Sector has bought a new garbage incubator as part of its effort to ontrol aircraft and ship garbage.

Officials from the department including the Director were present during the machine's installation at their Ranadi office.

Speaking to the media yesterday - Quarantine Head of Operation Mr John Pupulu said acquiring the machine was another huge achievement for Soloman Island Quarantine Sector.

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Inciner8 wins silver for export success at prestigious national manufacturing awards

Inciner8, a Southport-based industrial incinerator manufacturer, has been named a British manufacturing champion after scooping a prestigious national business award.

Inciner8, which employs 19 staff, walked away with silver at the EEF/Aldermore Future Manufacturing Awards, held in London last week.

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